Alison Lang, Founder & CEO, Changingday

What's Changingday?
Changingday creates VR games for autistic players.

How did you get involved?
My background is in marketing, but I pivoted to games after trying a VR headset for the first time and wondering if autistic people would enjoy the immersive experience.

What's the problem you're solving?
44% of autistic people play games which is a far greater percentage than neurotypicals (18%) and yet nobody is designing specifically for them.  Autistic people deserve to have products and services tailored to meet their needs.

What's your solution?
We have designed our first VR game, BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space, from the ground up. We have involved autistic players at every stage, from research through design and development to the QA process.

What current alternatives exist?
There are therapies available on VR, and we have met a few developers both here and in the US who are trying to develop for this market, but at the moment there are not many games designed specifically for an autistic audience. BLINNK and the Vacuum of Space is a game not a therapy.

What does good look like in this space?
I’d love to see the market open up with more games designed this way.

What do you need help with?
Spreading the word - there is a VR game designed to suit autistic players.  Creating a new market is costly for a small company so any help here is appreciated.

How should folks get in touch?
You can email us at

👉 Learn more about Changingday here

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