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Founders need a voice

Traditional media focuses on stories that either need to be generalised or sanitised to meet the requirements of a national audience. The ins and outs of the early stage tech ecosystem, and many founder viewpoints, are still siloed in private chats, Slack communities and WhatsApp groups. Campfire brings those viewpoints and knowledge-sharing out into the open.

Relevant news, constructive commentary

Featuring commentary from some of the most influential founder voices in the ecosystem, Campfire will be an outlet willing to start conversations through thought-provoking commentary. The ecosystem in Scotland can lack comfort in talking about what's not working in an open and constructive way. We seek to be a key thought leader in showcasing a diverse set of opinions in order to help our ecosystem grow and thrive.

With correspondents in all major regions in Scotland, many of whom are founders themselves, we can be the true finger on the pulse for what's happening, who's raising, who's hiring, and who's growing.

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